RUNNING Series – PART 1 (Marathon)

RUNNING Series – PART 1 (Marathon)

ELiud Kipchoge (marathon world record holder 2018) believed the human body has no limit. 

On 12 Oct 2019, he became the first human ever to finish a Sub-2-hour Marathon in a controlled environment! 

See the moment he crossed the finish line:

Yes! That’s inspiring!

Sports scientists, however, know our human bodies DO have limits. Over the years, numerous research has been done on human physiology, gears technology and other factors such as environment, running strategy that affects running economics to optimise human performance.

In this RUNNING series of blog posts, we will discuss:

1.    Why RUNNING?

2.    Human Physiology: VO2Max!

3.    Environmental factors: Aerodynamic and Weather (wind, temperature, and terrain)

4.    Running Biomechanics: The maths and physics of running!

5.    Types of training: How?

6.    Diet: What should I eat? Go Keto!

7.    Gears: SHOES! CLOTHES!

8.    Is Marathon RUNNING a new sport for me? All my friends are DOING it!

Let’s start!

Why RUNNING? The benefits:

·       Most efficient way for aerobic (cardio-vascular) fitness and lose weight!

·       It is inexpensive and convenient.

·       It can be done in your favourite environment: indoors or outdoors!

·       Anytime. Anywhere. By yourself or in a group for good social interaction!

·       Working hard? It’s good for stress relief!

Stay tuned!

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RUNNING Series – PART 3 (Running Biomechanics and Training)

RUNNING Series – PART 4 (Diet and Gears)

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