Exercise during COVID-19

Exercise during COVID-19

There are two very important reasons why you should be exercising during COVID19: mental health and immunity.

There is a growing amount of evidence showing that exercise reduces the risk of most types of disease, including communicable i.e. viral and bacterial infections. This suggests that exercise has a positive effect on immunity.

Additionally, helps to improve mood as it increases blood flow to areas of the brain responsible for motivation and mood as well as boost the feel-good chemicals in your brain – endorphins and serotonin. It also offers a distraction from triggers of anxiety and depression. According to the black dog institute, as little as 1 hr of exercise per week has prevented 12% of depression cases.

How can I exercise under COVID-19 restrictions?

  1. Go for a bike ride or walk: As little as a 10-minute brisk walk can improve energy, mental alertness and mood. You can still go outdoors, just make sure you are exercising in your local area with no more than 1 extra person.
  2. Come into the clinic and have a chat with one of our health professionals: We are still open! Our services, both Physiotherapy and Exercise Physiology are considered essential. That means you can come in for some advice with regards to your exercise routine, or exercise in the clinic. We are adhering to advice from NSW health we respect to social distancing and cleaning – all equipment is cleaned between patients and social distancing is observed, where possible. 
  3. Telehealth Exercise services: Some patients have been opting to exercise at home via telehealth conferencing. Telehealth is now eligible for Medicare rebates if offered by an allied health professional.
  4. Access our Zoom Clinical Exercise and Rehab and/or Barre classes: We are running our exercise and rehab (Pilates style mat class) and Barre classes through Zoom. They run at a variety of times, both morning and evening throughout the week. Please call the clinic to book in!
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