NDIS Services

NDIS Services
Improved Health & Wellbeing (Category 3.12)

      • Exercise physiology
        Exercise physiology advice and training provided either individually or in a group in an air conditioned Rehab Gym
      • Personal Training
        Personal training session in air conditioned Rehab Gym with modified and accessible equipment to improve Health & Wellbeing
      • Physiotherapy

At Sans Souci Physiotherapy Centre we believe that sport and physical activity for all people is a means of enhancing life, increasing social interaction, improving physical and mental health and empowering people in all aspects of their lives. Our challenge is to ensure that people with disabilities have the same awareness & access to opportunities to be active.

Physical programs can help increase functional ability. So, by enjoying consistent strength, cardiovascular, and flexibility enhancing movements, our NDIS participants will improve skills for living in addition to the health benefits.

We have both a group exercise program and an individual program. Both programs are outcome focused in both fitness and fun measures aiming to provide a service that achieves great results.
Our individual program is one-on-one with our highly qualified Exercise Physiologist. It is best suited to individuals with higher needs or who don’t feel ready to be in a group setting. The
program encompasses general cardiovascular exercise, functional strength training with the goal to make activities that the individual may be finding more challenging easier by breaking down
those tasks and strengthening all aspects that are required to complete the task more proficiently. Finally it will conclude with a stretching and cool down. This part of the program is
very important as due to many disability factors range of motion and flexibility is often an area that is over looked but easily improved with guidance.

Our group program is best suited to individuals looking to have a social component to their fitness. We try to make the group sessions as engaging as possible and have a maximum group
size of 4 participants so that each individual is supported at all times. The aim of this program is to not only address the cardiovascular, strength and flexibility components as the individual program does but to also look to improve general psychological and social factors as part of a program aimed at overall wellbeing as well as health and fitness.

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