Managing neck pain and headaches

Neck pain comes in many different forms. It can produce headaches and migraines, refer into the mid-back, shoulders and arms, or stay locally in the area. These diverse symptoms occur due to the complexity of the region and the number of various factors that could be involved. An extensive knowledge of the cervical region, and associated structures, is essential in determining the cause of pain. It is not sufficient to treat the area of pain as this may only be a symptom of the underlying cause. If you are experiencing ongoing headaches or neck pain, then you can get one of our experienced Therapists to carry out a full assessment and offer a solution.

Headaches can have various causes and usually present as a symptom for an underlying issue. Stress, neck and jaw dysfunction, muscle tension and myofascial trigger points, poor posture, dehydration and fatigue are just some of the instigators of headaches. Massage increases the release of endorphins into the body which act as analgesic and promotes the feeling of wellness. When treating headaches that are the result of stress, tension and fatigue, this process becomes the most important part of the massage. Headaches resulting from joint, muscle and postural dysfunction must be corrected to prevent ongoing occurrences.

Migraines are a complex neurovascular disorder and although physical therapy cannot stop them from occurring in people prone to getting migraines, it can assist in relieving the effects and preventing triggers that may cause them. If you suffer with ongoing and long-standing headaches or migraines, come in and see one of our experienced practitioners to understand the cause and create a solution to your pain.

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