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Semi-private pilates




What is PILATES?
Pilates is a series of controlled movements with a strong mind/body focus. Pilates has a strong awareness of strengthening core stabilising muscles, and increasing flexibility to create a more balanced body.

What is clinical PILATES?
Clinical Pilates differs from general Pilates in that it is fully supervised. A physiotherapist will firstly provide a detailed assessment, which is followed by a co-ordinated management plan to ensure Pilates exercises are completed correctly and supervised at all times.

Who will benefit from  PILATES?
Both Men and Women with  any of the following:

  • Recurrent low back pain
  • Recurrent injuries, especially on the same side of your body
  • Neck and upper back tightness
  • Sports injury prevention/rehabilitation
  • Body conditioning/toning
  • Osteoporosis (“Brittle bones”)
  • Incontinence (poor bladder control)

From Beginners to Advanced

What is your “core”?
Your core is a group of small muscles that are deep in the lumbar spine and trunk. Your pelvic floor muscles are also part of your core. These muscles act together to stabilise your lumbar spine and trunk during normal movements during the day and also during exercise. Your initial assessment will teach you how to find and activate these muscles.


What is involved in PILATES?

  • The Mat sessions will consist of a warm up session consisting of breathing whilst isolating your core in addition to gentle stretches.
  • The session will then progress to include a low grade strengthening routine.
  • The Fit ball and other small pieces of equipment may be incorporated into your class.


Mum’s and Bub’s classes!

Pilates classes for Mum’s and Bub’s NEW in 2015! Unable to find someone to look after the little one? No problems! Bring bub along for a specialised post-natal class for yourself and your new edition. For more information please give us a call on 9529 8600



All participants are required to have an initial assessment which includes a private introductory session.

Classes are semi-private (max of 5 people)

Senior/pensioner discounts available

Some health funds cover PILATES



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