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is swelling caused by damaged or abnormal lymphatic vessels. It is a chronic condition that requires ongoing monitoring and treatment.
It can occur following treatment for breast cancer or any other cancer surgery where lymph nodes are removed or damaged.
Treatment aims to prevent progression of this condition through early detection, swelling reduction and maintenance.

Early detection:
Using the latest tissue analysis equipment, we are able to detect early changes in tissue fluid before it can be seen or even felt. This means we are able to pick up early onset
lymphoedema and start treatment, which is essential to prevent progression of this condition.

Conditions treated:

  • Primary lymphoedema
  • Secondary lymphoedema
  • Head and neck lymphoedema
  • Breast, trunk and abdominal lymphoedema
  • Post surgical scar tissue
  • Post surgical cording

Treatment offered:

  • Pre operative screening and education
  • Preventative surveillance and treatment for at risk patients

Complex lymphoedema therapy including:

  • Education and advice
  • Skincare
  • Exercise
  • Manual lymphatic drainage
  • Compression bandaging
  • Compression garment prescription
  • Low level laser
  • Intermittant pneumatic pump
  • Kinesiotape

PINC Program
Due to recent medical advances more men and women are surviving a cancer diagnosis but often with debilitating side effects. The PINC and STEEL programs are dedicated to helping
men and women maximise their recovery, regain physical strength and endurance, improve body confidence and control. These programs are specialised physiotherapy based rehab
programs that improve quality of life and wellbeing following cancer treatment. Sans Souci Physios are certified cancer rehab and lymphoedema physios.

Our mission is to restore you to the best possible you during and after cancer treatment.
A SOZO reading provides a detailed and individualized assessment of a patient’s extracellular fluid, intracellular fluid and total body water through bioimpedance spectroscopy
in less than 30 seconds. A single, powerful SOZO reading allows for individualized, proactive care across multiple specialties for improved clinical outcomes, including breast cancer-related lymphedema.



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